The Visiting Fragrance Evaluator

Often Praised By My Piers And Managers as a “Nose”.
Part Of The Cosmetic and Fragrance Industry Since 1970.

Started at UOP Fragrances ,Inc.
5 years
Junior Fragrance Evaluator to Senior Fragrance Evaluator.
Roure Bertrand Dupond: Evaluation Panel Manager.
Independent. But always in contact with the Industry and The Market.
Strong Olfactive Capabilities.
Creative Ideas. To Guide Perfumers with Fragrance Development with a View to A Sale.
Evaluation: Fine Fragrances. Experiments Submissions. Finished Products. Personal and House Hold Products.
Work done in our premises.
Evaluation Candle and Reed diffusers Sets.
Creative Ideas and Suggestions. Inspired By The Brief. And For The Brief.
Reside: Manhattan UES